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     Rocky's Northwest Experience is the page for Rocky Barker @rockybarker. author of Scorched Earth: How the Fires of Yellowstone Changed America. The Washington Post says Scorched Earth, "conveys a powerful lesson about how Americans have sought to manage the "cataclysmic forces" of forest fires." The story has inspired a television movie, Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone that ran on A&E Network starring Scott Foley and Richard Burgi and co-produced by Rocky.

Rocky, the environmental writer for the Idaho Statesman has a blog called Letters from the West in Boise. Bill Moyers, included ’ Rocky in his PBS program "Is God Green?

Rocky used to live in Wisconsin. Check out the pictures of the sinking house on Lake Superior.

Rocky talks about wilderness on Idaho Outdoors. Read his take on media bias in  from the Wallace Stegner Report of the IJNR. "When you care about education,you’re not accused of being pro-education or pro-children. But when you care about the environment, you become a lightning rod." He writes about trout and salmon in the Fly Fisher's Guide to Idaho.

Greater Yellowstone is one of his passions and he covered (Watch video) the The 1988 Fires. In Writers on the Range, Rocky talks about wolves in the West.

Read an excerpt of Scorched Earth published on Google

  For more information on, or to comment on this page write, call, or e-mail Rocky at: Rocky Barker, 2875 Harmony, Boise, ID 83706 1-(208)-363-0259

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Northwest Experience started as a guide service in Wisconsin in 1977 when Rocky was the Northwest Field Editor of Wisconsin Sportsman Magazine. He had Walt Bresette, an artist and Chippewa activist draw his logo. Walt died in 1999 after helping found the Green Party. Rocky kept the logo and the name now that he lives and loves the Pacific Northwest.