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is the virtual manifestation of Rocky Barker author of Saving All the Parts: Reconciling Economics and the Endangered Species Act. He also is the environmental writer for the Idaho Statesman in Boise.  Check out comments on the editorials he researched on dams at High Country News and Field and Stream. Or see what the National Wildlife Federation said when it honored him with a National Conservation Achievement Award. Or check out his first book Saving All the Parts , his (Graphic drawn by Walt Bresette, a great man who left us too early)

latest book The Wingshooters Guide to Idaho, or his second book Fly Fisher's Guide to Idaho. Or read about his thoughts on the guns debate since Littleton in The Christian Science Monitor.On September 24 he presented a speech honoring Sigurd Olson at Northland College called Challenge of the Next Frontier.

Greater Yellowstone is one of his passions. And he's written a lot about it in his column. It's called Letters from the West. If you want to know more about Rocky's background he truly is involved in Shameless self promotion. Rocky strattles The Ideological Divide between Right and Left on Green issues. See more of his work at the Post Register Online. See Rocky's debate with Outside Magazine's Mike Steere over Idaho Falls' status as a "Dream Town" by pressing the Outside Online button:  Used with permission, ©Starwave Corp. Or read his Meditations on Salmon in the Seattle Times. You can order his books at In Association with

Open Rocky's head and he will spill out his take on the Endangered Species Act published in High Country News.

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